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  • A Woman Writer Named Su Qing

    Author: Lin Shan

    Tags: Biography

    ISBN: 978-7-5115-0811-9

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Book Description:

This semi-biography describes the life experiences and literary career of Su Qing(1914–1982), a 20th century Chinese woman writer. Su Qing was born into a loving family and brought up as a sheltered lady. Her school education and happy maidenhood ended with an unhappy marriage her parent arranged for her. After her divorce ten years later, she started her new life as an occupational writer. Her representative work 10 Years of Marriage gives full expression to the bitterness of her married life and her extramarital love and contact with other men. The authentic descriptions of sexual psychology got her both praise and blame. This biographical work describes Su Qing both as a brilliant literary talent and a fabulous women craving for love.

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