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  • A Compilation of Folk Customs of the Republic of China

    Author: Zhang Tingxing

    Tags: Art

    Published: February 1, 2014

    ISBN: 9787219082362

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Book Description:

This book describes in great detail the folk customs of the Republic of China that are closely related to peoples' daily life, i.e.,festivals, rituals, life styles, production modes, communication and entertainment. Over 200 folk customs are covered from its origin,evolution, primary activities, function and taboos. The book is a practical and all-inclusive guide to the important folk customs of the Republic of China.

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Once a teacher at the party school of Shandong Province and the dean of the School of literature, Guangxi University, Zhang Tingxing is currenly a professor at the School of History and Cultural Industry, Jinan University. He specializes in teaching and research in cultural studies, folk literature and folk customs. The most important of his publications are Folk Beliefs and Science and Culture, Folk Social Customs, Interesting Talks on Regional Dialects, Homophony and Folk Cunstoms, The Twelve Zodiac Animals and Traditional Chinese Culture, Chinese Clothing and Folk Customs, Practical Folk Writing: Techniques and Samples.

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