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  • From the Opium War to the Warlord Era (English edition)

    Author: Liu Heung Shing

    Tags: History,Mordern history

    Publisher: FLTRP

    ISBN: 978-7-5135-1327-2

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Book Description:

Assembles a remarkable survey of historical photographs from leading collections around the world; The images stretch from the Second Opium War to the Boxer Rebellion and wars with Russia and Japan, the outbreak of revolution, through the rise and fall of Yuan Shikai and the ensuing Warlord Era.

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Liu Heung Shing is a former foreign correspondent and photojournalist, who in 1992 shared a Pulitzer Prize for Spot News and an Overseas Press Club Award for his coverage of the Soviet Union's collapse. In 1989, Liu was honored with the award of Picture of the Year by the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri and was named Best Photographer by the Associated Press Managing Editors.

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