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  • Captain of Steel: Huo Qubing

    Author: Yan Juan

    Tags: Biography

    Publisher: org

    Published: May 1, 2014

    ISBN: 978-7-308-13051-6

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Book Description:

This book tells the story of a famous captain in Chinese history. In 123 B.C., the Han Dynasty, Huo Qubing was only 17 years old but was appointed to serve as the Captain of Piaoyao under his uncle Wei Qing. They were sent to defeat the invading Xiongnu and succeeded. Two years later, Huo Qubing triumphed in other two battles and occupied the Hexi Corridor, insuring the border security of Han Dynasty. At the age of 22, Huo's forces advanced over 2,000 li to the north of Han Dynasty, reaching as far as Lake Baikal, effectively annihilating the Xiongnu clan. But only two years later, Huo died at the age of 24. By reading this book, you can travel to the mysterious ancient China and get to know this young successful captain.

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Yan Juan, originally named Li Ming, is an ardent lover of history.

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