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  • A Biography of Wang Xiaobo

    Author: Yue Wencheng

    Tags: Biography

    Publisher: org

    Published: April 1, 2014

    ISBN: 978-7-308-13016-5

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Book Description:

Considered as James Joyce and Franz Kafka of China, Wang Xiaobo is a genius as well as a free-thinker. Born in a well-educated family in Beijing, he has undergone the Cultural Revolution and labored in Yunnan Province and Shandong Province. After coming back to Beijing, he received college education and furthered his study in US. In 1988 he went back to China and became a teacher in Peking and Renmin University. In 1992 he resigned and focused on writing. His trilogy—The Golden Age, The Silver Age and The Bronze Age—is known as “the most beautiful harvest of Chinese contemporary literature”. This book is the only published biography of Wang Xiaobo. It not only tells stories of his life, but also gives his ideas of writing and social issues. Its vivid description demonstrates Wang as a real person with humorous soul, keen thoughts and independent personality.

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Yue Wencheng is a freelancer whose works include novels, proses, essays and biographies etc.

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