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  • Lei Feng

    Author: Huang Yazhou

    Tags: Novel

    ISBN: 978-7-5411-3403-6

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Book Description:

This is the first documentary Chinese novel in honor of Lei Feng and his good deeds. Different from the steorotyped Lei Fei as the role model of unselfishness and public service in 1960s China, Lei Feng in this novel is presented in a unconventional profile famaliar to us. It is a modernized Lei Feng in real flesh.

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Huang Yazhou, poet and screenwriter, is currently vice president of China Writers Association, vice chair of China Writers Association Film and Television Committe, party secretary as well president of Zhejiang Writers Association. Born in August 1949 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, Huang tried his hand at writing in 1970. His poetry anthologies include Sentimental Stories,Father, Father, I am Singing in Sichuan, etc. His short story colletion is entitled after his Novella Intersection. Of his 9 works the best written is the drama The Old House and The New House and the novel The Sun Comes Up in The East won National Book Award. Huang's 13 dramas were adapted for stage including Chinese Creation Myth, Mystery of R4, Deng Xiaopong: 1928, etc. The movie based on his Luohe Town's Brother won 4 prizes at international film festivals including the 12th Frankfurt International Film Festival for Children Award, the 12th Chicago International Film Festival for Children Award,etc. The Wild Girl Molihua, Zhang Zhizhong,The Old House and The New House, The Sun Comes Up in The East are being filmed.

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