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  • Can't Figure It Out: Part Ⅱ

    Author: Han Shaogong

    Tags: Novel

    ISBN: 978-7-5411-3488-3

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Book Description:

This is an anthology of novella Han has written over recent years. Included in this collection are some of Han's representative works: the "Search for Roots" literature Bababa and Womanwomanwoman, post-modernist writings The Provisional Regulations and The Exception of Red Apple,sentimental fictions A Report to the Government and some improvisational works Laosan the Wagon Driver,etc. The stories fall into a varietry of genres like suspense story,caricature story, fable story, Chinese traditional serial story, conventional story ,etc.

Books by Authors

Han Shaogong, born in 1953, is among the best of contempary Chinese novelists. Han's first work is the biography of Ren Bishi which he co-authored with Gan Zhengwen and published in 1974. His major work is A Dictionary of Maqiao, a novel that was published in 1996 and triggered a debate in literary community. In the mid-1980s he won recognition as the leader of literary Movement known as the "Search for Roots". Han also wrote Bababa (1985) and Womanwomanwoman (1986), all standard writings known for its philosophical depth and deeply inspired by traditional Chinese culture,producing far-reaching influence on literary society.

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