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  • I Am My Own God

    Author: Deng Yiguang

    Tags: Novel

    ISBN: 978-7-5411-3499-9

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Book Description:

Set in the Cultural Revolution, this novel depicts the fall of the Wuli family from the height of their fortune during and after the ten year's of turmoil. As the only sober witness of the misfortunes that befell the Wuli family, Tugula went through untold psychological sufferings. The novel is remarkable not only for its huge cast of characters and psychological depth, but also for its reflection on the corrupted morality and its impact on personality disorders.

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Deng Yiguang, born in Chongqing, is currently living is Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. His novels include Sanxia My Hometown, Out of Prairie, I am the Sun, Red Fog, Party Organization, Thinking of Prairie, A flower Must Bloom, Dear Enemy and I am My Own God. His short story anthologies inlcude Red Beret, Beans and Wheat Everywhere, Away from Farming Life, Wolf in Pairs, Guess My Fingers, etc. He was awarded the first Luxun Literature Award for Novella, the first Fengmu Literature Award, the first Guo Moruo Literature Award,the first Roushi Literature Award, the third People's Literature Award, the fifth Quyuan Literature Award, the second Natonal Book Award, etc.

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